Intentions are a simple exercise that can dramatically shift your day as you shift your mind.

I’ve been taking time out every morning to set my intentions for the day. It isn’t a big exercise, just a quiet moment where I breathe and sit, get grounded, and visualize what I would like my day to look like, including how I would like to feel for the day. Sometimes I journal for a moment and write it down, sometimes it’s simply a moment to connect with myself on a deep emotional level minus the paper and pen.

The mental shift which I consciously choose to partake in every morning has drastically improved my daily interactions with people, my inner dialogue with myself and has brought me an overall sense of balance and ease. That ease is also something others can pick up on, usually at a subconscious level. When I am grounded, I meet other grounded individuals. My relationships flourish and my world becomes more accessible. When I am at peace with myself, I draw peace into my life. It’s a beautiful cycle that brings so much joy into my life.

Want to try?

Grab your journal. If you don’t have one, it’s a sweet little thing to invest in. I like Moleskins.

Find a quiet place in your abode, and sit comfortably. Sit tall, with integrity, but soften your belly, your eyes, your jaw muscles, your tongue.

Breathe in deep, exhale deep. Do this a few times until you feel your skin settle. Literally.

Visualize, with wild abandon what your day looks like, what you want it to look like. You’ll know you hit the jackpot when your heart lights up and a smile creeps on your face.

Hold on to that thought. Let it creep into all the crevices in your body, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Bask. Revel. Roll around in it. Repeat it in your mind, in your heart.

If you’d like, write it down.

Carry it with you.

Do this everyday, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two. Just try to be more consistent with it, rather than not.

Would love to hear thoughts as you adopt this simple way of being into your life.

Love, Grace