I’ve been experimenting with raw cuisine for a little while now. It’s been a creative journey that has been eye-opening and just pretty darn fun! Nothing beats feeding your body good food with proper nutrition. Hey, you gotta take care of your one true house right?

I’m a sucker for waking up and itching to create and cook something.

This morning’s creation? A grain-free, healthy version of Cous-Cous! With cauliflower!

This recipe is adapted from Amsdel and scaled down for 2 portions. I tend to eyeball ingredients and go by the taste testing method along the way, so please adjust to your own tastebud’s liking.

I call this dish, Holy, Cauliflower CousCous!


– Juice of 1 organic lemon
– Half a bunch of organic parsley leaves
– Half a bunch of organic mint leaves
– Half a head of awesome organic YELLOW cauliflower (that I picked up from the Brentwood farmer’s market – they are sweeter than the regular off white kind)
– 1/2 tsp Himalayan pink salt
– fresh ground black pepper
– 10 marinate olives (I used a blend of olives mixed with marinated artichokes that I found at the farmer’s market made by Brothers Products…AWESOME!)
– tbl MCT oil (I substituted what the recipe calls for – 1/4 of EVOO. I personally don’t like my foods swimming in oil and tend to use less of it and instead include half an organic avocado to get my healthy fats. Do what pleases your tastebuds and health preferences.)
– option to add half a bunch cilantro (I didn’t have any as I used it in my morning juice so I left this one out. I’d imagine it would add a kick that would tickle the tastebuds!)

Instruction: Got a food chopper? I mean, food processor? Vitamix? I used our Blendtech to get the gritty Cous-Cous texture by simply pulsing the cauliflower a few times. If you are looking for a serious workhorse, Blendtech is awesome. We got it as a wedding gift – It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Add to the cauliflower cous-cous coarsely chopped parsley and mint leaves. Leave out the stems. Add your olives, EVOO, salt and pepper, and top off with the lemon juice.


Here’s to your health!