US: Newleyweds, 1 year later

My Inspirer, my Love, my anchor, my Life.

We celebrated our one year anniversary this past Sunday.

When you are having a great time, with your bestest of friends, time simply seems to fly, and fly for us it did.  For us, it wasn’t a matter of “finding” each other, rather it was a process of self-discovery that ultimately led us to each other.  Separately, we did a ton of work on ourselves, knowing that it wasn’t about “being with” someone that makes us happy, instead it was “being someone” that made us (ourselves) happy…and when we were happy with being inside our own skin and where we were in our separate lives, we met.  Then the process began all over again, learning how to love, how to forgive, how to support and nurture, while maintaining a beautiful way of life that helps support each other’s health and well-being.  It works because we put each other first…and it works because we work hard to protect what we have built together with boat loads of patience & respect.

Wishing you health and love and joyous futures…