Good morning Yogis,

In recent months, as some of you may have taken notice, I’ve been on a hiatus with teaching, consenting to Life’s twists and turns and working on letting myself enjoy the ride. Personally, I’ve never been good with surprises, or unplanned events, happenings, you name it. In other words, I am yes, sort of a control freak who’s obnoxious control tendencies have been tempered over the years by the practice of yoga.

If I may, the last few months of my Life has surpassed my wildest expectations.


Pardon, I should really replace “expectations” with the words, “dreams and aspirations”.

Life has really decided to show up. She bypassed knocking gingerly on my front door hoping that I’d open it and welcome her in, instead, she bulldozed in, hands and her waist, foot-a-tapping, stared me down and gave voice to what has been aggravatingly been in the back of my mind…”Well, what now? What are you going to do with such blessings you’ve received in your Life so far? Time to get off your ass, perhaps?”

No, thank you.

I was in a very comfortable, (some may define it as complacent, perhaps), goooooood space. There were no extreme highs, there were no unanticipated severe lows. My ride was smooth as a baby’s bum.

Translation: Truly a scary place to be, having resorted myself to mediocrity, but the mind has convinced me that this is where I should be because it was “comfortable”.

Most of us have experienced and fundamentally know that growth arises from restless uncomfortableness. I had no idea that I was on the brink of extraordinary change.

As I am navigating through uncharted waters, it became obvious that the timing was perfect. (It always is, isn’t it?) My days as a yoga facilitator has taken a sabbatical and my journey as a student of yoga once again took prescendence. I leaped right back in to practicing, learning, studying the art, the practice, the philosopy of yoga, hoping that the yoga, MY yoga would provide me, the sense of grounding, the quiet all-knowing, the courage I would need to successfully steer myself in the right direction. The gentle currents are carrying me along and I no longer feel as if I am swimming upstream.

Over the weekend, I attended a workshop on finding courage through fear. Through meditation and movement, asana, we explored journeying first, TO that which we fear, and second, journeying THRU, while exploring breath, awareness and courage as we collectively experienced our practice together, with each other.

And now, it is on to our glorious Monday morning. As I sit here, typing my invocation to the week of my thoughts gathered last night post workshop, it is my hope that whatever appears on this little piece of cyberspace note contains perhaps just one thing that resonates with you. Whether it is a thought that pops up, a color, a word, a phrase, an inspiration, something forgotten, please give yourself that extra minute for YOU to just sit with it in stillness without the need to make it perfect…without the need to attach more to it than necessary.

Here we go.

Questions to ponder as you go about your day, your practice, your whatever…

What is my fear? What is something that has been holding me back? Is it a thought? Is it something tangible?

How do I tap into Courage to walk through, take that extra one step towards my fears, my hesitations?

May I set aside expectations, old patterns of seeing, of breathing, of believing for one second and give myself the opportunity to inch closer to the edge?

May I have faith in knowing that true courage rests within? It is always there, unwavering, ready to be excavated, ready to be reborn, waiting for the layers to be peeled off, one by one, skin back, truth exposed.

May I permit myself to stand there in nakedness?

May I stand there vulnerable, wanting to flee, but allowing myself to just accept myself as I am? (even just for a second.)

May I give myself the same compassion, the same empathy that I give to others, allowing myself the same sensitive freedom that allows us all to truly thrive, to truly live?

Instead of asking why, ask how?

How may I be of service today?

How may I allow myself the joy of living in the present moment, through breath, through awareness, through letting our mind explore stillness while training it, re-learning, that TRUTH exists in its natural state outside the confines of the cerebral, logic-inspired world that we live in which ultimately should be a feeling-inspired world?

May I just for a moment today, give myself the gift of setting aside my fears and feel that sense of immediate, soft-spoken sensation of peace creep into my physical body, my mental sphere, my emotional reservoir and my spiritual universe?

May I allow that feeling to slowly envelope my senses while reveling in the simple joys, the peace of just being?

Just for a moment, just for today, just for now, let go of what you think you should be doing, where you think you should be, what others have told you you should do and just be. Feel for the breath traveling up to the crown of the head as you inhale and allow your exhale to infuse the body and your spirit with the sensation of grounding.



“Let your love flow outward through the universe, to its height, its depth, its broad extent, a limitless love, without hatred or enmity. Then as you stand or walk, sit or lie down, as long as you are awake, strive for this with a one-pointed mind; Your life will bring heaven to earth.” ~~~ Sutta Nipata