Yogis are aware.

Sure, I am aware when I get on top of my sticky mat for 90 minutes.

Yogis practice conscious breath.

Yeah, I breathe. I even ujjayi breathe. Take that.

Yogis practice non-judgment.

Okay, I DO try and practice this, but I’m so bad at it I don’t even want to try sometimes.

Yogis are spiritual.

Hey, I checked the box, “spiritual but not religious”. That totally describes me in one sentence.

Yogis never get angry.

(S)he’s such an ass. Deep breath, deep breath, I’m going to f*ing kill you, deep breath, deep breath..

Yogis see the glass as half full all the time.

Even when it is empty.

Yogis are patient.

Especially when you are already late for class and can’t find your car keys.

Yogis emanate LOVE out of their pores.

Especially when your lover cheats on you. That’s the true test, right?

Yogis, if you are a real yogi at least, can all balance on their heads, hands and fingertips.

If you can’t, who are you kidding? You aren’t a true yogi.

Who is a REAL yogi?

A REAL Yogi employs the discipline to practice awareness, consciousness, non-judgment, self-acceptance, patience and love as often as s/he can so as to arrive in a deep place within themselves.

But you know what?

True yogic knowledge encourages you to face your shortcomings, live with integrity, take responsibility, but above all, realize that you are human too. Wounds attract wounds, scars are a plenty. That’s the beauty of being human. If we can only remind ourselves that suffering and pain is universal, that the person you just hurt or who just hurt you bleed the same, we can begin to tap into our well of tenderness to close the gap between our Self and the Other.

REAL yogis will always have the courage to strive for perfection until the day they pass, but already know that perfection does not exist.