Divin' Deep Workshop with Grace

Grace’s Divin’ deep workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis who would like to (re)learn and refine the essentials of the practice! This workshop will focus on the foundations of your yoga practice:

~ Pranayama – Finding your breath
~ Asana practice – 108 minutes of learning how to find the best poses for your own body, in
each stage of your life
~ Alignment breakdown – Proper alignment is essential in developing a safe and long term
practice. We will look more in depth at the most commonly practiced postures and learn how
to make the poses work for your own body
~ Discussion – open forum!

We’ll explore how to work with our breath in Sun Salutations, create strength in standing poses, and develop greater flexibility in simple twists, forward bends, and backbends – without tension, struggle or pain. With the understanding that there is no “perfect” pose, we will explore how to fit the postures into our bodies, instead of the other way around. We will also explore yoga’s intangibles and how this practice can help us stay calm, centered and balanced in our daily lives.

Throughout this workshop, we will learn in a nurturing and safe environment, how to motivate ourselves to find our own satisfying, personal and ever-evolving practice.

Workshop hosted at TruYoga Santa Monica – www.truyogala.com

Space IS limited! Sign up early to ensure your spot. Email Noelle@trifitla.com