I was asked recently to speak about why yoga is important and what I wish to, as a yoga instructor bring to my fellow practicing yogis…I had to spend a moment and write down some thoughts, some free flowing thoughts coming from the heart.

Why is yoga important to me? What do I wish to share through yoga practice with other practitioners?

I wish to share the intangibles.

The magic of breath.

The magic of staying grounded, focused through our transitions, through life’s challenges while maintaining ease and grace.

The magic of finding ease in our mind, creating space between ourselves and our thoughts, in particular the negative ones.

How serene it feels to drop into our body, to sense our entire being in this exact moment and know that we have landed and come home.

How wonderful it is to slowly observe our mind, and learning time and time again to bring ourselves back to our center, our heart, when the mind wanders off. We do this over and over until we become acutely aware of when our mind shifts and it becomes second nature to pull it back until it becomes easier and easier…

What it feels like to be RIGHT HERE. What it feels like knowing we have arrived, how it feels deep down inside when we have arrived to our life, to fully participating in the present moment.

In time, tuning into the magic of knowing we are not these postures we practice, but how these postures serve as vehicles to explore our entire being – How we breathe when we are challenged, what our inner dialogue is in that particular challenging moment, how we respond to postures we may be good at or perceived not to be good at…how we dance with balance and embrace alignment not simply physically, but what it truly means to be aligned with our core beliefs, values, our strengths, our heart.

At the golden core of it all, when we are able to let go of the layers that shield our light from each other, we return back to love, our truest nature. We learn through our yoga practice what it means to love ourselves, truly and fiercely, what it means to be in harmony with our inner and outer worlds and how we can align our soul’s work, with making our world a better place.

Yoga and meditation teaches us about fear, fear of the unknown that keeps us locked down, a nasty little virus that keeps our creativity stifled. We begin to see how fear taints every part of our lives when we slow down enough and learn to see with clarity. Yoga teaches us to nip fear in the butt and inspires us to live a full, creative, courageous life.

I wish to share what yoga has been for me and my life and hope that we can continue this journey together…on a path of self acceptance, self love, and sharing in true community.

I don’t have all the answers. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have any…some days are good, some days are not so good, but I do know that what I feel is the normal ebb and flow of life. Feeling good and loved is our birthright, but we have to excavate, dig deep, study, learn, and most importantly, we must DO THE WORK.

My vow to you is, I’ll keep doing the work so that I may hold space for you to do yours.

With love,