Blink once, twice, look around and wake up to life happening around you.

The sunrise happened when you and I were looking at your gadget trying to take a picture of it. Wouldn’t it be better to actually see it in all its glory, as it is rising to shine light on our day, and have the beauty of it be forever etched in your mind rather than than have captured it in half its glory?

My eyes are so tired from switching back and forth from gadget to gadget.

Technology will never replace our human need, desire, for human and nature connections. We may have lost our way temporarily, but with intent, we can be right back to where we were, where we should be, eyes on eyes, not eyes on screen. I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately…how much of life are we missing with the advancement of technology that is serving only to seemingly make our world smaller? We can see via google earth all the way onto the other side of the world, have their latest news right at our fingertips, but at this very moment, we can’t be further apart from the random person next to us, or the loved one in the same room, sharing the same space as us?

(View of my morning, my sun rising, captured half ass from behind the ipad)