Learning to own everything that is ours requires tremendous Courage.
To see ourselves so clearly,
with conviction,
that who we are is in fact who we are offering to our world,
and not an inflated or less than version of ourselves,
requires profound Courage.
To embrace ourselves,
with all of our flaws
and be able to Forgive ourselves takes massive amounts of Love…
And to begin the process of rewriting what needs to be rewritten
requires deep connection to our courageous Selves.
To be courageous is to Forgive.
To be quiet,
 to be still,
to be in relationship with ourselves through our oscillating,
rich inner world,
takes steadfastness,
and Courage.
To me, Courage is an intentional, inward journey.
It is the intention to walk,
step by step,
closer and closer,
on the old, familiar path,
that leads you straight back to your beautiful heart.
As Ram Dass says, “we are all walking each other home.”
And this…this will be the most important and transformative pilgrimage you take in your lifetime.
Please join me in my first yoga retreat in Ojai, CA this June, on the weekend of the auspicious Summer Solstice of 2015.
Love & Infinite Blessings,
Grace Flowers​