There is an entire world out there that I wish to touch, explore, enjoy, to know.

There is so much color, vibrancy, textures, smells, experiences that I wish to call mine, but somehow, I spend more and more time in the quiet, with myself, breathing, meditating, writing, being.

I certainly can’t say this was my experience in my 20’s. I lived most of my life out there, if you know what I mean.  Kind of at an arm’s length, some distance away from my body, my mind, my heart, but finding joy in the fleeting moments while I overly identified with them all. I recognize that it was needed. My 20’s was full, fun, loud, filled with peaks and valleys that I secretly hoped would level out just a bit.

Thank goodness my 30’s came. In my 30’s, I found a deeper yearning to return. I yearned to know what it felt like to be comfortable in my own skin, to see out of my own lens, to trust my own intuition, to honor my very rich emotions, and to be in communion with my Self in the cave of my own beautiful heart. I craved quiet. Silence. Nature.

In stillness we can hear. 

Within the placidity I deliberately designed for myself in recent years, there is now expansive, glorious space for me to sit with me, to practice listening to me, and to lovingly be with my Self.  Moving out of habitualness and letting go of the voices carried over from the birth environment, the well-intentioned advice habituated from school, or the dogma from church and state…this is what moves me.  I am inspired, every single day with this wholehearted practice of peeling back layers, so I can greet, even if it’s just for a quick hello, my own heart.

This is what inspires me.

And this is what inspires me to keep moving for my students. I can’t teach what I have not yet embodied, and so my work is to show up, to seek clarity, to put myself in a humble, receptive state, and to do the work and keep excavating. If I can be in touch with my heart and be of service at the same time, I believe that I can create magic.

I believe we all can create magic.

If we can touch a single Soul from this place of Unity within ourselves, we can lift, we can fly and we can create a tangible shift in our World.

This is the miracle of moving closer and closer to ourselves.

I wish this for all of us.