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Thank you Yoga Journal for an amazing early birthday gift!
Back in June, right after our baby moon in Kauai, I flew out to Denver to meet with the Yoga Journal team for a cover and home practice shoot. What an awesome team of creatives to work with! I don’t know if you can tell, but I […]

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For a Mother-To-Be…

For all the new mamas to be…one of my favorite poets of all time…

For A Mother-To-Be by John O’Donohue

Nothing could have prepared your heart to open like this.

From beyond the skies and the stars
This echo arrived inside of you and started to pulse with life
Each beat a tiny act of growth,
Traversing all our ancient shapes,
On […]

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On Why I Teach.

There is an entire world out there that I wish to touch, explore, enjoy, to know.

There is so much color, vibrancy, textures, smells, experiences that I wish to call mine, but somehow, I spend more and more time in the quiet, with myself, breathing, meditating, writing, being.

I certainly can’t say this was my experience in […]

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Home is where YOU are.

Home. When we are home, we feel safe. When we are home, we feel connected. When we are home, we can curl up, get quiet and DO nothing, and simply BE.

Where is your home?

Is your home your little apartment? Your fancy house? Your teepee? Your car? Your meditation cushion?

Whatever you call your “home”, go one […]

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Happiness within a relationship – 20 ways to nurture love and live happily

I am still considered a newlywed. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half and I can assure you, not all our days have been as bliss-filled as I would like it to be. Things will be good for a small amount of time, then things will literally feel like […]

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Ask: What is Yoga?

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Inspiration: My Husband

I woke up this morning, feeling terribly sheepish of the way I behaved during our “fight” yesterday. It took me a long time to finally even accept that “fights” were normal in a relationship and a necessary evil to wake up, to push the reset button, to grow, evolve, learn, love, breakthrough and keep moving. […]

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Fun: Crayola

My Inspire Series called for these goodies that arrived in the mail today. Who knew Crayola could be so much fun?!

Daily inspiration will be written/drawn/doodled throughout the house on windows/glass/mirrors in an effort to keep inspiration eye level and accessible.

Little daily reminders, big changes.

Change the state of your mind, change your Life.

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Inspiration: Found in a book

Waking up, I take a moment to grab one of the current books I am reading from my nightstand and pour over a few pages. I do this so my day begins on a positive note with positive, inspiring words of wisdom. It sets the tone of my day and helps me get focused in […]

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