Grace Flowers Yoga - Pre and Post Natal Sessions

Pre and post natal yoga with Grace

Pre-Natal Yoga is the ideal practice for pregnant women. It keeps the body toned and supple without straining and helps to calm the mind and let go of worries and fears which in turn makes an easier labour more likely. Most importantly, it opens up a space for women to nurture themselves and connect with their baby. Yoga for Pregnancy is suitable for all women, no experience of yoga required.

These private / semi-private lessons offer classical yoga techniques of breathing, movement and relaxation specially adapted to suit the needs of each woman through the different stages of their pregnancy – helping them to prepare for birth and more easily get back in shape after the delivery. These sessions provide a warm, friendly, and safe environment where all women can gradually improve their flexibility, strength, and stamina to enhance general health and well-being of both themselves and their baby. Breathing and relaxation techniques are taught as skills that can be used through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Post Natal yoga (with or without babies) focuses on stabilizing the pelvis, regaining overall strength and tone particularly the pelvic floor and abdomen through deep breathing, energizing and releasing tension through the body, and deep relaxation. The aim is to gradually draw back the muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy in a safe, non-harmful way. Individual sessions can begin 6 weeks post delivery and can progress through the first year depending on each mommy’s needs, either one on one or in a small group.

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